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International Centre for Drug Policy (ICDP)

Papers from the International Centre for Drug Policy (ICDP), formerly known as the Centre for Addiction Studies. The ICDP was established in late 2003 by St George’s Hospital Medical School to act as a broker to promote excellence in the field of substance misuse prevention in particular drug policy within the international arena. It had a national and international reputation for its activities and was based at St George’s, University of London. Its Director was Professor Hamid Ghodse, who was a world leader in international drug policy and addictions, and held the post many times of President of the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). The ICDP participated in a number of activities relating to treatment and prevention of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, including:-

• education and training
• research and development
• policy development
• consultancy and advice

The papers include reports from various projects the Centre was running. These include RETAD; Tobacco Free Initiative; Herbal Medicine; Croydon Alcohol Interventions, Substance Misuse in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum Project.

ICDP was set up in 2003, and continued its work as a separate unit under the medical school's Mental Health Division before being moved to the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) in 2013, following the death of Professor Hamid Ghodse.

NV001 – Joan Clague

Ref no: NV001
Name: Joan Clague
Dates at St George's: 1967-74

Digital images, copyright form and transcript of audio recording with Carol McCubbin as interviewer. No digitised audio recording present.

Image descriptions:
PH011/PH031 [two versions] – Ball at Grosvenor House, c.1968-1969: Clockwise from bottom facing camera: Mrs Hugh Anderson; Mr Richard Ellis (House Governor); Mrs Gordon Marsh; Mrs Betty Ellis; Unknown gentleman; Lady Monkton (member of Board of Governors); Dame Muriel Powell (Chief Nursing Officer); Mr Gordon Marsh (Deputy House Governor); Miss Joan Clague (Principal Nursing Officer - Service); Hospital Chaplin (Nash?); Wife of Chaplin; Wife of Board of Governors (Trade Union Rep); Board of Governors member (Trade Union Rep); Mr Hugh Anderson (Consultant surgeon, member of Nursing committee)
PH708 – Joan Clague Nov 1969: Studio photo of Joan Clague in uniform taken Nov 1969 when she was appointed to succeed Dame Muriel who advised her to have one taken as "it will come in useful".
PH709 – Joan Clague PTS Oct 1950 at Guy's: Official PTS photo Oct 1950 at Guy's. Joan Clague is standing first left on the second row.
PH710 – Joan Clague in grounds of PTS in Surrey, 1950: Joan Clague (right) in grounds of PTS in Surrey.
PH711 – Joan Clague Hampstead General Hospital in 50s: Joan Clague at Hampstead General Hospital taken in the mid 50s. The Hospital was pulled down when the new Royal Free was built. This is in the OPD/Casualty at Christmas and Joan is directly behind the Sister in charge on the first row wearing a Tubigauze.

PH712 – Joan Clague at Base Hospital Cairnes in 1960: Joan Clague at the Base Hospital in Cairnes, Australia. She is second left (wearing glasses). She was a £10 Pom and spent 3 years working round Australia.

NV003 – Chris Eberhardie

Ref no: NV003
Name: Chris Eberhardie
Dates at St George's: 1965-1968, 1986-200?

Copyright form and transcript of audio recording with Shirley Orbell as interviewer. No digitised audio recording present.

NV006 – [Name withheld]

Ref no: NV006
Name: [Name withheld]
Dates at St George's: 1978-1983, 1989-1996

Transcript of audio recording with Carol McCubbin as interviewer. No digitised audio recording present.

NV007 – Nancy Esterson

Ref no: NV007
Name: Nancy Esterton
Dates at St George's: 1975-2010 [initially at Atkinson Morley]

Copyright form and transcript of audio recording with Narindar Cooper as interviewer. No digitised audio recording present.

NV036 – Daphne Foster

Ref no: NV036
Name: Daphne Foster
Dates at St George's: 1957-1994

Digital images, copyright form, audio files and transcript of interview conducted by Chris Eberhardie.

Image descriptions:
PH124 – Daphne Foster in uniform as Staff Nurse
PH125 – Daphne Foster receiving medal: Daphne Foster receiving Gold medal for 1957 from Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
PH126 – Daphne Foster at evening event: Daphne Foster (senior nurse) at an evening event a few years before retirement

NV046 – [Name withheld]

Ref no: NV046
Name: [Name withheld]
Dates at St George's: 1956-1967

Digital images, copyright form, audio files and transcript of interview conducted by Gillian Peace.

Image descriptions:
PH068 – Invite to ball: Front cover of invitation to the Hospital Ball in 1962/3, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel. Image is a reproduction of the front of the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London. [Digital image possibly corrupted?]
PH069 – Sister on Caroline Ward: [Name withheld] as relief sister, sitting at desk on Caroline Ward, with staff nurse Pat Abbott, c.1963
PH070 – PTS 1963
PH735 – [Name withheld] [duplicate of PH069]

NV051 – Mary Curl

Ref no: NV051
Name: (Judith) Mary Curl (née Barnard)
Dates at St George's: 1968-1970

Digital images, copyright form, audio files and transcript of interview conducted by Angela Fothergill.

Image descriptions:
PH053 – Carol singing 69: Group of nurses (wearing red capes) singing carols in Bence Jones ward, 1969. Sept 1966 experiment set.
PH054 – Serving Xmas lunch 69: Mr Evans and Sister Greenfield serving Christmas Lunch on Bence Jones Ward, 1969
PH055 – Christmas lunch 69: Christmas lunch on Bence Jones Ward, 1969
PH056 – St Theresas 67: St Theresa's Wimbeldon Maternity Hospital. September 1966 experimental set, taken in 1967.
PH057 – St Theresas 67 (2) [no separate description]
PH736 – Mary Curl in uniform on Bence Jones ward, 1969

NV063 – Mollie Wells

Ref No: NV063
Name: Mollie Wells
Dates at St. Georges: 1954-1969 [initially at Atkinson Morley]

Digital images, copyright form, audio files and transcript of interview conducted by Elaine Frew.

Image descriptions:
PH738 – Mollie Wells: Mollie Wells in St George's sister's uniform on a Cardiff visit to Exeter, Xmas 1958 (seconded to Tutor course while on practice teaching experience);
PH739 – Mollie Wells 2: St George's introductory course, Sept 1960. Tutors from L to R: Mollie Wells, Anne Chilman and Joan Nash

NV098 – Susan Gollop

Ref no: NV098
Name: Susan Gollop
Dates at St George's: 1957-1963, 1965-1968, 1970-1976, 1981-1984

Copyright form, audio files and transcript of interview conducted by Chris Eberhardie

NV113 – Ann Salmon

Ref no: NV113
Name: Ann Salmon (née Dixon)
Dates at St George's: 1961-1964

Digital images, copyright form, audio files and transcript of interview conducted by Averil Wingent.

Image descriptions:
PH007 – Dorcas House: In one of the bedrooms. Back Row, L-R: 1. Joy Leask 2. Sue Meade. Front row, L-R: 1. Marianne 2. Unknown 3. Pat Parsons 4. Unknown 5. Ann Salmon.
PH008 – Bronte House: Nurse's room at Bronte House. Lots of private possessions/clutter to ake it feel like home. Bed, easy chair, chest, dressing table.
PH010 – May 61 set: PTS (Preliminary Training School) set, May 1961;
PH718 – Ann Salmon: Ann Salmon in uniform with staff nurse's frilly cap, c. March 1964

NV137 – Jean King

Ref no: NV137
Name: Jean King (née Gillespie)
Dates at St George's: 1958-1973

Copyright form, audio files and transcript of interview conducted by Carol McKubbin

Papers and speeches as Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland

Typescripts of papers and speeches delivered by Powell at various conferences and events during her tenure as Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland (1970-1976), including:

  • 'The Implementation of the Salmon Structure', 16 Oct 1970
  • 'Future Development of the Nursing Services in Scotland', 28 Oct 1970
  • 'Salmon and All That', 18 Nov 1970
  • 'Implications of Changes in the Reorganisation of the Health Service', Mar 1971
  • 'Working Together', 1 Apr 1971
  • 'Nursing in an Integrated Health Service', 21 May 1971
  • 'The Nursing Contribution in Primary Medical Care', 27 May 1971
  • 'The relationship of the specialist in community health to the health visitor and other preventive nursing services', 28 Sep 1971
  • 'Nursing in the Integrated Service', 15 Nov 1972
  • 'A Caring Profession' – King's Fund Seminar of Nurses, 1972 [two versions]
  • 'Reorganisation of the Nursing Services', 8 Mar 1973
  • 'SNSC conference on development of management structures in the nursing service', 30 Mar 1973
  • 'The Nurse in an Integrated Health Service', 18 Jun 1973 [two versions]
  • 'Future Trends in Nursing', 26 Jun 1973
  • 'The role of the nurse in meeting the changing needs of society: Meeting the challenge', 25 Mar 1974 [two versions]
  • Address to Epilepsy Society of Edinburgh and South-East Region, nd
  • 'The Contribution of Nursing to the Community', nd [two versions]
  • 'The Future of the Nursing Services in Scotland', nd
  • 'Human relationships between the hospital service and other parts of the National Health Service', nd
  • 'Implications of changes in the reorganisation of the health service', nd
  • 'Inaugural Address – RCN Management Courses', nd
  • 'Nurses in an Integrated Health Service' nd
  • 'Nursing – No Longer a Vocation', nd
  • 'Nursing Service', nd
  • 'The Nursing Profession – Outline of talk for the administrators course', nd
  • 'Painswick – St Luke's Day', nd
  • 'The Reorganisation of the National Health Service', nd [three versions]
  • 'Scottish Hospital Service', nd
  • 'Some Aspects of Nursing Administration', nd
  • [+ various untitled fragments of papers, nd]

Papers of Hamid Ghodse


  • Papers relating to the International Centre for Drug Policy
  • Personal certificates, appraisals, CVs
  • Obituaries
  • Papers relating to courses and conferences including reports, reviews, manuals
  • Publications
  • Correspondence
  • Photographs
  • Reports by Alexander Hosie on opium production in China

Ghodse, Hamid

Post Mortem Examinations and Case Books

  • 406 PM
  • Collection
  • 1840-1946

The post mortem records contain manuscript case notes, with medical notes both pre and post mortem. These include details on patients’ admission to the hospital, treatments and medication administered to patients and the medical history of patients; the medical histories were copied into the volumes from hospital registers, which are no longer extant. The post mortem cases include detailed pathological findings made during the detailed examination of the body after death. From the 1880s onwards the case books contain original anatomical drawings and photographs.

For more information and updates about the project, see our project page

The following information is recorded for each case. The information is transcribed from the case notes and/or the relevant index and, where relevant, additionally standardised using MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)

• Name of the patient. If a name is not entered in the volume, it is noted in the catalogue as ‘[No name stated]’

• Gender of the patient (female / male / unknown)

• Age of the patient. Usually in numbers, following the original, with the following exceptions: 4/12 = 4 months, 4/52 = 4 weeks, 4/365 = 4 days. If no age is entered, it is noted in the catalogue as ‘[No age stated]’

• Occupation of the patient. Where no occupation is entered, it is noted in the catalogue as ‘[No occupation stated]’. Children are often designated according to their father’s or mother’s occupation and women by their husband’s occupation (e.g. ‘F / Horsekeeper’, ‘M. Charwoman’, ‘Hd Grocer’); these have been rendered in the catalogue as ‘[Child of] Horsekeeper’, ‘[Wife of] Grocer’

• Date of admission and date of death

• The names of the doctors treating or examining the patient. ‘Admitted under the care of’ denotes the senior doctor in charge of the case (usually entered at the top of the page and in the index); ‘Post mortem performed by’ denotes the doctor responsible for the post mortem examination (usually signed at the bottom of the page) and ‘Medical examination performed by’ denotes the doctor responsible for the medical examination prior to death (usually signed at the bottom of the page). The earliest records usually contain only one name, and some of the later ones may contain multiple names in each category. An authority record (name access point) with basic biographical details has been created for each doctor mentioned in the records; these can be used to explore all the cases related to a particular individual

• Disease(s) or cause of death of the patient. Transcribed from the medical case and/or the index and standardised, e.g. ‘Disease (transcribed): Phthisis. Fractured base. Disease (standardised): Tuberculosis (lungs). Fracture (skull)’

• Medical and post mortem notes. Brief summary description or transcription of the case notes relating to previous medical history (not a full transcription of the case notes)

• Note on whether the case includes illustrations or photographs; these can also be browsed via genre access points

• Note on whether the death was caused by trauma, accident or suicide

• Subject access points, using standardised terms from MeSH, with disease type (e.g. respiratory tract diseases, cardiovascular diseases) and anatomy type (e.g. cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system), which can be used for browsing all relevant cases

Note on transcriptions and abbreviations

Names have been silently expanded, e.g. Jas = James, Wm = William

Some common abbreviations and acronyms

AMCH = Atkinson Morley Convalescent Hospital, Wimbledon
BID = Brought in dead
COA = Condition on admission
F = Father
H or Hd = Husband
HP = House physician
HS = House surgeon
IP = In-patient
L = Left
M = Mother
MR or Med reg or Med r = Medical register or Medical registrar
MS = Museum specimen
OP = Out-patient
OPD = Out-patient department
OR = Obstetric register
PMH = Previous medical history
PH = Previous history
Pt or Pat = Patient
PM = Post mortem
R = Right
RF = Rheumatic fever
Ry = Railway
SR or Surg reg = Surgical register or Surgical registrar
TB = Tuberculosis
VD = Venereal disease

St George's Hospital, London

Salmon Committee

Documents relating to the Salmon Committee, which was set up in 1963 (under the chairmanship of Brian Salmon, and also including St George's matron Muriel Powell) to advise on senior nursing staff structure, and resulted in the Salmon Report in 1966. St George's was one of the hospitals selected to participate in a pilot scheme to implement the recommendations of the report.

Much of the material in this sub-series appears to have belonged to Joyce G. Whitehead, a hospital nursing officer at the Ministry of Health.

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