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Wilson, James Arthur Respiratory tract diseases Con objetos digitales
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James Foley, 32, [No occupation stated]

Occupation or role: [No occupation stated]
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Date of admission: 26 Mar 1851
Date of death: 10 May 1851
Disease (transcribed): Double pleurisy. Miliary tubercles & vomicae on both sides of the chest & slight ulceration of the lining membrane of the caecum & lower part of the ileum. Fatty liver
Disease (standardised): Pleurisy (Lungs); Tuberculosis (Lungs); Suppuration (Lungs); Ulcer (Caecum, ileum); Disease (Liver)
Admitted under the care of: Wilson, James Arthur
Medical examination performed by: Barclay, Andrew Whyte
Post mortem examination performed by: Ogle, John William
Medical notes: 'Complained of cough of about 6 weeks’ standing with some hoarseness of voice, and considerable emaciation. He would not allow that he had been previously subject to cough, although he ‘might have had occasional colds’, and had never spit blood’
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Thorax, abdomen

Type of incident: n/a

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