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Lazarus-Barlow, Walter Sydney Com objeto digital
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George Hayward, 32, Greengrocer's assistant

Occupation or role: Greengrocer's assistant
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Date of admission: 27 Apr 1899
Date of death: 7 Jul 1899
Disease (transcribed): Recklinghausen's disease complicated with a sarcomatous growth involving the brachial plexus
Disease (standardised): Neurofibromatosis 1 (Nervous system); Sarcoma (Brachial plexus);
Admitted under the care of: Rolleston, Humphry Davy, Turner, George Robertson
Medical examination performed by: n/a
Post mortem examination performed by: Lazarus-Barlow, Walter Sydney
Medical notes: 'A man, aged 32 years, had had all his life a mass of molluscum fibrosum covering the back of the left side of the head and neck and upper part of the left front of the chest and left shoulder. This growth had not increased in size except in so far as it had developed equally with the rest of the patient's body. The skin of the body was generally brownish, but scattered all over the trunk, limbs, head, and neck there were areas where the pigmentation was concentrated either into patches of considerable size, as large as a shilling or in a few instances larger, or in small discrete patches resembling freckles'
Body parts examined in the post mortem: External examination, lungs, pleurae, heart, great vessels, great systemic vessels, larynx, trachea, abdominal organs
Illustrations: Yes
Type of incident: n/a