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Papers of St George's, University of London Haward, John Warrington Item Skin and connective tissue diseases
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St George's Hospital Reports, Vol. VIII

PREFACE. In Memoriam R. Lee, M.D., and F. Sibson, MD.
I. The physical Development and the Proportions of the Human Body. By CHARLES ROBERTS, F.B.C.S.
II. Notes on the Development and Growth of Boys between Thirteen and Fourteen Years of Age. By G. CARBIGK STEET, F.R.C.S., Medical Oficer Postal Telegraph Staff, General Post Office
III. A Clinical Study of Retro-uterine Tumours. By ROBERT BARNES, M.D.
IV. The Causes and Outcome of Nerve-Degeneration. By G. F. BLANDFORD, M.D.
V. Cases of Meniere's Disease. By T. CLIFFORD ALLBUTT, M.D.
VII. Remarks on the Discussion on Syphilis at the Pathological Society in Feb. 1876. By EDGCOMBE VENNING, F.R.C.S..
VIII. Group and Diphtheria. By E. L. Fox, M.D.
IX. Report of the Analysis of the Urine in Three Cases of Acute Rheumatism treated with Alkalies and Quinine, and Two Cases treated with Salicylate of Ammonia. By A. W. BARCLAY, M.D.
X. On the Efiect of Salicin, Salicylic Acid, and its Salts in the early Manifestations of Rheumatism ; with an Appendix showing the Results of their Administration in a Case of (1) Disease of the Hip-joint, (2) Erysipelas, (3) Diphtheria, (4) Tuberculosis. By T. WHIPHAM, MB, and B. T. POOLE COLLYNS
XI. Cases of rheumatism treated by Salicylate of Soda. By J OHN CAVAFY, M.D.
XII. On a Form of Non-malignant Induration of the Cervix Uteri. By Heywood SMITH, M.A., M.D.
XIII. Notes from the Skin Clinique of St. George’s Hospital. By T. WHIPHAM, M.B.
XIV. Clinical Contributions. By M. MACDONALD MCHARDY, Esq.
XV. On the Amputation-Book of St. George’s Hospital, No. II. ; with some Observations on the Antiseptic Treatment of Cases of Amputation. By T. HOLMES, F.R.C.S.
XVI. Intertubular Changes in Renal Disease. By H. HOWARD MURPHY, B.A., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
XVII. Research on Fat Absorption. By HERBERT WATNEY, M.A., M.D.
XVIII. Tabulation of Cases of Scarlatina during Twenty Years at St. George’s Hospital. By C. J. FENWICK, M.D.
XIX. Report of Medical Cases for 1874. By C. J. FENWIOK, M.D.
XX. Report of Medical Cases for 1875. By C. J. FENWICK, M.D.
XXI. Report of Medical Cases for 1876. By ISAMBARD OWEN, M.A., M.B.
XXII. Report of Surgical Cases for 1874. By E. R. ROWLAND, Esq.
XXIII. Report of Surgical Cases for 1875. By J. G. THRUPP, Esq.
XXIV. Report of Surgical Cases for 1876. By J. H. MORGAN, F.R.O.S.
XXV. Report of the Maternity Department from 1872 to 1876, inclusive. By G. S. HARPER, Esq.

St George's Hospital Reports, Vol. II

I. Contributions to the Surgery of the Head. No II. On Exostoses of the Skull. By PRESCOTT G. HEWETT, Surgeon to the Hospital
II. Clinical Cases of Insanity. By GEORGE FIELDING BLANDFORD, M.D., Lecturer on Psychological Medicine at the Medical School
III. Diseases of Artisans. No. I. The Sheffield File-Cutters’ Disease. By JOHN CHARLES HALL, M.D.
IV. On certain Epileptic Phaenomena. By EDWARD FOX, M.D.
V. Encephaloid Disease of a retained Testicle, with Remarks, including a Summary of Twelve other similar cases. By G. F. HODGSON
VI. Thermometrical Observations in Typhoid Fever. By REGINALD E. THOMPSON, M.D., Medical Registrar of the Hospital
VII. Aphasia and Agraphia. By WILLIAM OGLE, M.D., Lecturer on Physiology at the Medical School
VIII. Reports of Cases of Nervous Disease. Delirium. By C. HANDFIELD JONES, M.B. Cantab. F.R.S.
IX. On Loose Cartilages in the Knee-joint. By BERNARD BRODHURST, Assistant Surgeon to the Hospital, and Lecturer on Orthopaedic Surgery
X. Infecting and Non-infecting Chancres. Remarks on some cases, with especial reference to the Means of Diagnosis between the two forms of the Disease. By EDGCOMBE VENNING
XI. On Naso-Pharyngeal Polypi. By THOMAS P. PICK, Curator of the Pathological Museum
XII. On Croup and Diphtheria. By J. WARRINGTON HAWARD
XIII. On the Significance of Skin-Affections in the Classification of Disease. By T. CLIFFORD ALI\BUTT, M.D.
XIV. Cases of Fever, with Remarks on their Origin. By W. E. C. NOURSE
XV. The Forms of Pneumonia. By Octavius Sturges, M.D.
XVI. On a Case of Death from Haemorrhage into the Pericardium, as a result of Rupture of one of three true and circumscribed Aneurysms of the Coronary Artery of the Heart; with Observations on Aneurysm or Aneurysmal Dilatation as a result of Embolism or Thrombosis. By JOHN W. OGLE, M.D., Physician to the Hospital, and Lecturer on Pathology
XVII. Statistics of Strangulated Hernia. Some Facts in reference to Strangulated Hernia, founded on a Record of 200 Cases in the Book kept at St. George‘s Hospital. By T. HOLMES, Assistant Surgeon to the Hospital, and Lecturer on Surgery
XVIII. Two Cases of Strangulated Inguinal Hernia, with Remarks. By T. HOLMES, Assistant Surgeon to the Hospital, and Lecturer on Surgery
XIX. A Case of Convulsions occurring after Delivery; with Remarks suggested thereby. By A. D. MACKAY, M.B.
XX. Instances of some of the rarer varieties of Morbid Growths, Swellings, &c., connected with the Organs contained within the Abdominal Cavity. By JOHN W. OGLE, M.D., Physician to the Hospital, and Lecturer on Pathology
XXI. Report of the Medical Cases admitted during the year 1866. By R. E. THOMPSON, M.D., Medical Registrar
XXII. Report of the Surgical Cases admitted during the year 1866. By E. C. RING, Surgical Registrar