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St George's Hospital Reports, Vol. VII

I. Questions connected with Vaccination. By EDWARD T. WILSON, M.D. Oxon.
II. On the Effect produced on the Capillary Circulation by the Injection of Putrid Fluids into the Lymphatic System of Amphibia. By JOHN CAVAFY, M.D. Lond.
III. Three Cases of Cerebral Disease ; with a Table of Cases of Tubercular Meningitis. By J. C. J. FENWICK, M.D. Cantab.
IV. Notes of Lectures on Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children. By R. J. LEE, M.D. Cantab.
V. Notes on some Cases of Death after Confinement. By CLEMENT WALTER, Esq.
VI. Notes on Midwifery. By R. P. WINTLE, Esq.
VII. On the Concurrence of Zymotic Diseases. By EDGAR G. BARNES, M.D. Lond.
VIII. Cases of Psoriasis. By C. HANDFIELD JONES, M.B. Cantab., F.R.S. .
IX. Exophthalmic Goître. By W. B. CHEADLE, M.D. Cantab.
X. The Principles of Ophthalmic Therapeutice. By R. BRUDENELL CARTER, Esq.
XI. A Case of Puerperal Blood-Poisoning. By HENRY FLY SMITH, M.B. Oxon.
XII. Illustrations of some of the more Unusual Forms of Disease of the Abdomen, with Comments on Fistulous Openings through the Walls of this Cavity. By John W. OGLE, M.D. Oxon.
XIII. History of a Case of Unreduced Dislocation of the Hip-Joint. By SAMUEL LEE, Esq.
XIV. On Pulsating Tumours which are not Aneurismal, and on Aneurisms which are not Pulsating Tumours. By T. HOLMES, Esq.
XV. On Consumption a Form of Septicæmia. By W. MARCET, M.D. Edin., F.R.S.
XVII. Two Cases of Carcinoma within the Abdomen ; with Observations on Pain as a Result of Pressure on Nerves. By JOHN W. OGLE, M.D, Oxon.
XVIII. Notes on Iodate of Calcium, Camphorated Phenol, and Salicylic Acid as Disinfectants. By S. W, MOORE, Esq.

James Carter, [Occupation not stated]

Occupation or role: [Occupation not stated]
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Date of admission: 10 May 1871
Date of death: 21 May 1871
Disease (transcribed): Rickets. Scrofula. Scrofulous pneumonia
Disease (standardised): Rickets (Bones); Tuberculosis (Lymph nodes); Pneumonia (Lungs)
Admitted under the care of: Lee, Henry
Medical examination performed by: Haward, John Warrington
Post mortem examination performed by: Whipham, Thomas Tillyer
Medical notes: 'This child had been vaccinated 2 months before admission in three places on left arm. All became sore in a fortnight and remained open six weeks. There was no history of ‘snuffles’. The mother said she had one other child, which was healthy, but that it had a rash about head and face when about seventeen months old. The mother had frontal headache, but no rash, nor other signs of syphilis. Hair not thin. Father said to have died four months before, from ‘consumption’. Before marriage he had eruption on legs’
Post mortem notes: Body parts examined in the post mortem: Thorax, abdomen, bones, joints, glands

Type of incident: n/a