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LIST OF PRIZEMEN for 1879-80
I. Report of the Medical Registrar, Dr. OWEN, for 1879
II. Report of the Surgical Registrar, Mr. W. H. BENNETT, for 1879
III. Report of the Post-mortem Department for 1878, by Dr. EWART
IV. Report of the Post-mortem Department for 1879, by Dr. EWART
V. Report of the Obstetrical Department for 1879, by Mr. G. WALKER
VI. Report of the Ophthalmic Department for 1879, by Mr. McHARDY
VII. Report of the Out-patients' Ophthalmic Department for 1879, by Mr. McHARDY
VIII. Notes from the Department for the Treatment of Diseases of the Throat for 1879, by Dr. WHIPHAM IX. Report of the Orthopaedic Department for 1879, by Mr. HAWARD
X. Report of the Aural Department for 1879, by Mr. DALBY
XI. Report of the Dental Department for 1879, by Mr. A. WINTERBOTTOM
XII. Thomas Tatum : In Memoriam
XIII. Clinical Lectures delivered at St. George's Hospital by T. HOLMES:
I. On a Case of Ilio-femoral Aneurism
II. On a Case of old Fracture of the Patella
III. On a Case of Subperiosteal Resection of Tibia
XIV. Clinical Lecture on the Treatment of Wounds after Amputation during the last Twenty-five Years, by T. PICKERING PICK
XV. Observations on certain Eruptions of the skin which occur after recent Operations and Injuries, by EDWARD C. STIRLING
XVI. Some Remarks on the Diagnosis of Hip-joint Disease, by JOHN H. MORGAN
XVII. An Epitome of Fifty Cases of Ichthyosis, by GEORGE GASKOIN
XVIII. On some Cases of Tubercular Meningitis, by HOWARD BARRETT
XIX. Herpes Gestationis, by WYNDHAM COTTLE, M.B.
XX. Case of Trismus Infantum, by WILLIAM BRUORTON
XXI. A Modified Method of quantitatively estimating Diabetic Sugar by Fehling's Volumetric Solution, and a Description of a New Urine-Meter, by J. HEWETSON BERTOLACCI
XXII. Notes of a Case of Diabetes, especially illustrating the Effects of Codeia, Carbolic Acid, and Salicylic Acid, by J. HEWETSON BERTOLACCI

ILLUSTRATION. . . New Urine-Meter

Medical School Council Minutes and Papers

Minutes of meetings of the Medical School Council. Papers relate to staffing, salaries, funding, committees, costs, curriculum, prizes, examinations, new buildings and facilities, and various other matters.

In 1907 the Medical School Council merged with the Medical School Committee. There was further reorganisation of the medical school administration in 1945 which led to the vision of the Medical School Committtee into a new School Council and an Academic Board. The new School Council met for the first time in October 1946.

St George's Hospital Medical School, London

Oral history by Bryan Brooke & Terry Gould

The collection consists of audio recordings of staff at St George's Hospital and Medical School. Each interview is recorded on audio cassette and is accompanied by a synopsis of the interview (no transcription).

The accompanying notes state that the collection was established to create 'a picture of a teaching hospital in the westend of London with a small intake and no preclinical department, in transition to a large and complete university hospital and in transposition to a south London suburb - Tooting. No attempt has been made to select those considered by contemporaries to be of distinction since it is not possible to predict who will appear to have been distinguished in the eyes of the future: conversely there has been no avoidance of the contemporarily distinguished. [...] Since two reminiscences go back before WWI and span both wars, this audioarchive will, at the outset, have covered almost the whole of the twentieth century.'

St George's Hospital and Medical School Gazettes

Gazettes produced by the staff and students of St George's Hospital and the Medical School between 1892 and 1974. Each gazette includes editorial articles covering recent discoveries by St George's staff and students, as well as sports club and society updates, features such as 'overheard in the hospital', gossip columns, poetry, games, lists of publications, and lists of births, deaths, marriages and appointments.

St George's Hospital Medical School, London

International Centre for Drug Policy (ICDP)

Papers from the International Centre for Drug Policy (ICDP), formerly known as the Centre for Addiction Studies. The ICDP was established in late 2003 by St George’s Hospital Medical School to act as a broker to promote excellence in the field of substance misuse prevention in particular drug policy within the international arena. It had a national and international reputation for its activities and was based at St George’s, University of London. Its Director was Professor Hamid Ghodse, who was a world leader in international drug policy and addictions, and held the post many times of President of the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). The ICDP participated in a number of activities relating to treatment and prevention of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, including:-

• education and training
• research and development
• policy development
• consultancy and advice

The papers include reports from various projects the Centre was running. These include RETAD; Tobacco Free Initiative; Herbal Medicine; Croydon Alcohol Interventions, Substance Misuse in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum Project.

ICDP was set up in 2003, and continued its work as a separate unit under the medical school's Mental Health Division before being moved to the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) in 2013, following the death of Professor Hamid Ghodse.

Year Books

Collection of year books. The volumes feature profiles, individual and group photos, cartoons, messages from the Principal and Dean, messages from other staff members, and contact details so the students can keep in touch.

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