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[No name], [No age stated], [Occupation not stated]

Occupation or role: [Occupation not stated]
Age: [No age stated]
Gender: [Unknown]
Date of admission: 1881
Date of death: 1881
Disease (transcribed): Pseudo membranous disease of larynx, trachea & bronchi
Disease (standardised): Disease (Larynx, trachea, bronchi)
Admitted under the care of: n/a
Medical examination performed by: n/a
Post mortem examination performed by: n/a
Medical notes: n/a
Body parts examined in the post mortem: n/a
Type of incident: n/a

St George's Hospital Reports, Vol. VIII

PREFACE. In Memoriam R. Lee, M.D., and F. Sibson, MD.
I. The physical Development and the Proportions of the Human Body. By CHARLES ROBERTS, F.B.C.S.
II. Notes on the Development and Growth of Boys between Thirteen and Fourteen Years of Age. By G. CARBIGK STEET, F.R.C.S., Medical Oficer Postal Telegraph Staff, General Post Office
III. A Clinical Study of Retro-uterine Tumours. By ROBERT BARNES, M.D.
IV. The Causes and Outcome of Nerve-Degeneration. By G. F. BLANDFORD, M.D.
V. Cases of Meniere's Disease. By T. CLIFFORD ALLBUTT, M.D.
VII. Remarks on the Discussion on Syphilis at the Pathological Society in Feb. 1876. By EDGCOMBE VENNING, F.R.C.S..
VIII. Group and Diphtheria. By E. L. Fox, M.D.
IX. Report of the Analysis of the Urine in Three Cases of Acute Rheumatism treated with Alkalies and Quinine, and Two Cases treated with Salicylate of Ammonia. By A. W. BARCLAY, M.D.
X. On the Efiect of Salicin, Salicylic Acid, and its Salts in the early Manifestations of Rheumatism ; with an Appendix showing the Results of their Administration in a Case of (1) Disease of the Hip-joint, (2) Erysipelas, (3) Diphtheria, (4) Tuberculosis. By T. WHIPHAM, MB, and B. T. POOLE COLLYNS
XI. Cases of rheumatism treated by Salicylate of Soda. By J OHN CAVAFY, M.D.
XII. On a Form of Non-malignant Induration of the Cervix Uteri. By Heywood SMITH, M.A., M.D.
XIII. Notes from the Skin Clinique of St. George’s Hospital. By T. WHIPHAM, M.B.
XIV. Clinical Contributions. By M. MACDONALD MCHARDY, Esq.
XV. On the Amputation-Book of St. George’s Hospital, No. II. ; with some Observations on the Antiseptic Treatment of Cases of Amputation. By T. HOLMES, F.R.C.S.
XVI. Intertubular Changes in Renal Disease. By H. HOWARD MURPHY, B.A., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
XVII. Research on Fat Absorption. By HERBERT WATNEY, M.A., M.D.
XVIII. Tabulation of Cases of Scarlatina during Twenty Years at St. George’s Hospital. By C. J. FENWICK, M.D.
XIX. Report of Medical Cases for 1874. By C. J. FENWIOK, M.D.
XX. Report of Medical Cases for 1875. By C. J. FENWICK, M.D.
XXI. Report of Medical Cases for 1876. By ISAMBARD OWEN, M.A., M.B.
XXII. Report of Surgical Cases for 1874. By E. R. ROWLAND, Esq.
XXIII. Report of Surgical Cases for 1875. By J. G. THRUPP, Esq.
XXIV. Report of Surgical Cases for 1876. By J. H. MORGAN, F.R.O.S.
XXV. Report of the Maternity Department from 1872 to 1876, inclusive. By G. S. HARPER, Esq.

St George's Hospital Reports, Vol. VII

I. Questions connected with Vaccination. By EDWARD T. WILSON, M.D. Oxon.
II. On the Effect produced on the Capillary Circulation by the Injection of Putrid Fluids into the Lymphatic System of Amphibia. By JOHN CAVAFY, M.D. Lond.
III. Three Cases of Cerebral Disease ; with a Table of Cases of Tubercular Meningitis. By J. C. J. FENWICK, M.D. Cantab.
IV. Notes of Lectures on Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children. By R. J. LEE, M.D. Cantab.
V. Notes on some Cases of Death after Confinement. By CLEMENT WALTER, Esq.
VI. Notes on Midwifery. By R. P. WINTLE, Esq.
VII. On the Concurrence of Zymotic Diseases. By EDGAR G. BARNES, M.D. Lond.
VIII. Cases of Psoriasis. By C. HANDFIELD JONES, M.B. Cantab., F.R.S. .
IX. Exophthalmic Goître. By W. B. CHEADLE, M.D. Cantab.
X. The Principles of Ophthalmic Therapeutice. By R. BRUDENELL CARTER, Esq.
XI. A Case of Puerperal Blood-Poisoning. By HENRY FLY SMITH, M.B. Oxon.
XII. Illustrations of some of the more Unusual Forms of Disease of the Abdomen, with Comments on Fistulous Openings through the Walls of this Cavity. By John W. OGLE, M.D. Oxon.
XIII. History of a Case of Unreduced Dislocation of the Hip-Joint. By SAMUEL LEE, Esq.
XIV. On Pulsating Tumours which are not Aneurismal, and on Aneurisms which are not Pulsating Tumours. By T. HOLMES, Esq.
XV. On Consumption a Form of Septicæmia. By W. MARCET, M.D. Edin., F.R.S.
XVII. Two Cases of Carcinoma within the Abdomen ; with Observations on Pain as a Result of Pressure on Nerves. By JOHN W. OGLE, M.D, Oxon.
XVIII. Notes on Iodate of Calcium, Camphorated Phenol, and Salicylic Acid as Disinfectants. By S. W, MOORE, Esq.

Winifred Osmond, 1 9/12, [Child of] Bootmaker

Occupation or role: [Child of] Bootmaker
Gender: Female
Age: 1 9/12
Date of admission: 16 Nov 1906
Date of death: 17 Nov 1906
Disease (transcribed): Scalds. Toxaemia. Suffocation from inhaled vomit
Disease (standardised): Burn (Skin); Toxaemia (Blood); Asphyxia (Respiratory system); Vomiting (Stomach);
Admitted under the care of: Turner, George Robertson
Medical examination performed by: Fedden, Walter Fedde
Post mortem examination performed by: Trevor, Robert Salusbury
Medical notes: 'The child upset a kettle of boiling water over herself. When admitted she was very collapsed, and there was extensive scalding mainly of the 2nd degrees over the back – Rt [Right] side of chest and R. [Right] arm and about the face'
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Thorax, abdomen, cranium
Type of incident: Trauma/accident

James Lambert, 39, Medical-man

Occupation or role: Medical-man
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Date of admission: 9 Dec 1906
Date of death: 9 Dec 1906
Disease (transcribed): Multiple injuries from railway accident. Fractured skull. Amputation of right arm. Fractured pelvis. Fractured 7, 8, 9, 10 R [Right] ribs and 10 [Left] rib. Many bruises
Disease (standardised): Injury (Systemic); Fracture (Skull, pelvis, ribs); Amputation (Arm); Contusions (Systemic);
Admitted under the care of: Pendlebury, Herbert Stringfellow
Medical examination performed by: Fedden, Walter Fedde
Post mortem examination performed by: n/a
Medical notes: 'Patient was attempting to enter a train in motion, he slipped and whilst keeping hold of the carriage with his R. [Right] arm, fell and was caught between the carriage and the platform. He was dragged about 15 yards to the end of the platform and then appears to have fallen under the train and to have come in contact with the live rail. When admitted he was suffering from severe shock. There was a scalp wound with a depressed fracture on the R. [Right] side and a contused wound exposing bone in the L. [Left] occip. [occipital] region. Bleeding from mouth and nose. Lacerated wound of lip. Skin of face scorched'
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Neck, head, abdomen, thorax
Type of incident: Trauma/accident

Charles Fussinger, 6 weeks, [Child of] Manservant

Occupation or role: [Child of] Manservant
Gender: Male
Age: 6 weeks
Date of admission: 13 Apr 1906
Date of death: 13 Apr 1906
Disease (transcribed): Burns
Disease (standardised): Burn (Skin);
Admitted under the care of: Jaffrey, Francis
Medical examination performed by: Fedden, Walter Fedde
Post mortem examination performed by: Douglas, James Sholto Cameron
Medical notes: 'The child was burnt owing to the explosion of some petrol. He was very collapsed on admission and had burns of the second degree involving both legs, thighs and buttocks. The scrotum and left hand was also burnt'
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Thorax, abdomen, cranium
Type of incident: Trauma/accident?

Lizzie Ingram, 28, [Wife of] Butcher

Occupation or role: [Wife of] Butcher
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Date of admission: 10 Apr 1898
Date of death: 12 Apr 1898
Disease (transcribed): Syncope after delivery
Disease (standardised): Syncope (Brain); Stillbirth (Uterus);
Admitted under the care of: Dakin, William Radford
Medical examination performed by: Gayer, Reginald Courtenay
Post mortem examination performed by: Belcher Hickman, H. R.
Medical notes: 'This patient was admitted to the hospital with all the signs of 8 mos [months] pregnancy and threatened abortion. She had been losing small quantities for 3 wks [weeks], not enough to make her blanched but slightly pale only - Had felt no foetal movements during this time but had attacks of abdominal pain occasionally making her vomit. Breasts becoming smaller lately. Patient was delivered naturally of a still born, rather macerated foetus, but placenta was adherent'
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Thorax, abdomen, brain
Type of incident: n/a

Henry Fisher, 15 months, [No occupation stated]

Occupation or role: [No occupation stated]
Gender: Male
Age: 15 months
Date of admission: 7 Jun 1899
Date of death: 7 Jun 1899
Disease (transcribed): Death following administration of ACE mixture
Disease (standardised): Operation (Indeterminate); Anaesthetic death (Systemic);
Admitted under the care of: Chloroform
Medical examination performed by: n/a
Post mortem examination performed by: Ether
Medical notes: 'Not seen by S.R. [Surgical Registrar]'
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Thorax, abdomen, cranial cavity
Type of incident: n/a

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