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Alfred King, 66, Carpenter

Occupation or role: Carpenter
Age: 66
Gender: Male
Date of admission: 21 Jul 1900
Date of death: 27 Jul 1900
Disease (transcribed): Biliary obstruction. Carcinoma of ampulla of vater
Disease (standardised): Obstruction (Bile ducts); Cancer (Bile ducts)
Admitted under the care of: Rolleston, Humphry Davy
Medical examination performed by: Whipham, Thomas Tillyer
Post mortem examination performed by: Fenton, William James
Medical notes: Ten weeks before admission the patient had pain in the abdomen after dinner. A week later he became jaundiced and the urine was a dark colour.
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Pleurae, lungs, heart, abdomen, liver, spleen, pancreas and duodenum, urinary tract, alimentary canal and kidneys. The post mortem contains a report by humphry davy rolleston ‘primary carcinoma of the ampulla of vater with report of a case presenting some features of interest’
Type of incident: n/a

Quain, Richard; Maclise, Joseph: The Anatomy of the Arteries of the Human Body, Vol 1

Inscription on flyleaf: ‘Thomas Thompson’

Full title: ‘ The Anatomy of the Arteries of the Human Body and its Applications to Pathology and Operative Surgery with a Series of Lithographic Drawings by Richard Quain …. The drawings from nature and on stone by Joseph Maclise, Esq. Surgeon’

Plates in another volume

Winslow, Jacob Beningus: Douglas, G.: An anatomical exposition of the structure of the human body, Vols. I-II

Inscription on title page: ‘Rt White 1779’

Full title: ‘An Anatomical Exposition of the Structure of the Human Body. By James Benignus Winslow, Professor of Physick, Anatomy and Surgery in the University of Paris, Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, and of The Royal Society at Berlin, &c. Translated from the French Original, By G. Douglas, M.D. Illustrated with Copper Plates. The Fourth Edition, Corrected’. Two volumes bound in one

The New Sydenham Society: An Atlas of Illustrations of Clinical Medicine Surgery and Pathology: Vols. XIII-XXV

Vol. XIII: Sarcoma Melanodes or Hebra; Ringworm, Pityriasis
Vol. XIV: Frambcesial Syphilis (Yaws and Paragi)
Vol. XIV: Leucoderma; Myxcedema; Miscelleaneous; Eruptions caused by drugs
Vol. XV: Drug Eruptions
Vol. XVI: Bromide Eruptions; Lichens Urticatus; Pemphigus Vegetans
Vol. XVI: Coxa Vara
Vol. XVII: Fractures & Dislocations of the Upper Extremity
Vol. XVIII & XIX: Elephantiasis in English Practice, Symmetrical Lupus Vulgaris' the potato-like tumour of neck, Schistosoma Cattoi
Vol. XVIII: Eruptions, Urticaria Pigmentose, Leprosy
Vol. XXV: Diseases of Fallopian Tube Ovary, Uterus

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