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Minnie West, 24, [No occupation stated]

Occupation or role: [No occupation stated]
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Date of admission: 27 Jun 1891
Date of death: 23 Jul 1891
Disease (transcribed): Ulcerative colitis
Disease (standardised): Colitis (Colon); Ulcer (Colon)
Admitted under the care of: Haward, John Warrington and Cavafy, John
Medical examination performed by: n/a
Post mortem examination performed by: Dickinson, William Lee
Medical notes: 'This was a young married woman of previous good health, who had never been out of England, but lived almost entirely in Clapham. In March 1890 she was confined with a 6 months child but retained her health; and on March 21st 1891 she have birth to a full-term child. She had been out of bed and well for more than a week when early in May she spent some hours of a wet day at the Naval Exhibition. While there she ‘turned stone cold', and next day she had much headache but no other definite symptom. A week later diarrhoea made its appearance for the first time'
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Head, abdomen, thorax

Type of incident: n/a