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Abercromby, John

  • Person
  • 1841-1924

Scottish soldier and archaeologist. Governor of St George’s Hospital 1870

Acland, Henry Wentworth Dyke

  • Person
  • 1815-1900

Born at Killerton, Devon. Educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford. Studied medicine at St George's Hospital and Edinburgh. All Souls fellowship 1842, Lee's reader in anatomy at Christ Church 1846; BM 1846.

Physician at the Radcliffe Infirmary 1847. Aldrichian professor of clinical medicine 1851. Radcliffe librarian at Oxford. Fellow of the Royal Society. Regius chair of medicine at Oxford 1857. Founded the Oxford University Museum 1860; curator of the university galleries and the Bodleian Library. Private practice in Oxford. Oxford's first representative on the General Medical Council 1858; president of the council 1874-1887. Harveian orator 1867. Baronet in 1890.

Married Sarah Cotton in 1846; they had seven sons (including T.D. Acland, FRCP) and one daughter. Died 16 Oct 1900 at Oxford.

Acland was related to the banker Henry Hoare, one of the founders of St George's Hospital.

Sarah Cotton was the daughter of William Cotton, FRS (1786-1866), governor of the Bank of England, merchant and philanthropist, son of Joseph Cotton, captain and director in the East India Company.

Acland, Thomas Dyke

  • Person
  • 1809-1898

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1878. Brother of Henry Wentworth Acland, physician at St George’s; related to banker Henry Hoare, one of the founders of St George’s Hospital. Conservative politician.

Adams, [Unknown]

  • Person

Governor of St George's Hospital 1948-1951

Aird, John

  • Person
  • 1833-1911

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1893.

Civil engineer, Conservative politician and art collector. His country house, Wilton Park in Buckinghamshire, had been built by Josias du Pre, merchant, director of the East India Company and the governor of Madras.

Aisley, Stephen

  • Person

Governor of St George's Hospital 1780-1806

Akroyd, Edward

  • Person
  • 1810-1887

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1867. Textile manufacturer.

Alexander, Claud

  • Person
  • 1831-1899

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1870.

Conservative politician

Allen, J.H.

  • Person

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1876

Allingham, Herbert William

  • Person
  • 1862-1904

Student at St George's in 1879. Served as house surgeon in 1883-1884, and at the end of his term of office was appointed surgical registrar and demonstrator of anatomy. Elected assistant surgeon to St George's Hospital in 1894.

Elected assistant surgeon to St Mark's Hospital in 1885, resigning in 1890. In 1887 he became surgeon to the Great (now the Royal) Northern Hospital, a post he held until 1896. He was appointed surgeon in ordinary to the Prince of Wales, later King George V, having been previously surgeon to the household of King Edward VII. He also filled the offices of surgeon to the Surgical Aid Society and to the Osborn Home for Officers.

Alston, Francis Beilby

  • Person
  • 1820-1905

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1867.

Diplomat and politician

Amyand, Claudius

  • Person
  • 1660-1740

One of the first medical officers at St George’s Hospital, 1733. Principal surgeon, serjeant-surgeon. Performed the first recorded successful appendicectomy at St George's in 1735

Son of a Huguenot refugee, naturalised in London. Admitted to the Freedom of the Barber-Surgeons Company in 1728; master 1731. Serjeant-surgeon to George I.

Early advocate for smallpox inoculation. Inoculated Princesses Amelia and Caroline.

Antrobus, Edmund

  • Person
  • 1792–1870

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1845.

Banker at Coutts. Slaveowner in Jamaica, British Guiana and St Kitts, who was compensated by the British government for the ownership of hundreds of enslaved people in the 1830s.

Appach, F.H.

  • Person

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1883

Arbuthnot, C.G.

  • Person

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1881

Arbuthnot, H.G.

  • Person

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1872

Arbuthnot, John

  • Person

Governor of St George's Hospital 1733-?. Of Cork Street

Ashton, R.J.

  • Person

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1866

Aspinwall, Richard

  • Person

Governor and treasurer of St George's Hospital 1733-1761

Aston, J. Keech

  • Person

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1891

Back, Ivor Gordon

  • Person
  • 1879-1951

Educated at Marlborough College and Trinity Hall, Cambridge; graduated 1910 in natural sciences.

Medical student at St George's Hospital; qualified 1905, Allingham scholarship 1906, fellowship 1907. House surgeon, house physician and obstetric assistant at St George's Hospital; assistant surgeon 1910-1918, surgeon 1918-1938, consulting surgeon 1938-1943. Returned to work in 1943-1945; governor of the hospital 1951.

Won Albert Kahn travelling fellowship 1911, and wrote an account of his journey around the world. Served as a captain during the First World War in the RAMC at the 4th London General Hospital, the 54th General Hospital in France and as a surgical specialist at Catterick Camp, Yorkshire. Assistant surgeon at the Royal Waterloo Hospital for Women and Children, surgeon (proctologist) at the Grosvenor Hospital for Women. Examiner in surgery for Cambridge University. Active in Medical Defence Union, council member and president. Private practice in Queen Anne Street and later 4 Park Square West.

Married Barbara Nash; they had one son. Died 13 Jun 1951, aged 71.

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