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[Name redacted], 52, Chauffeur

Occupation or role: Chauffeur
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Date of admission: 12 Sep 1927
Date of death: 12 Sep 1927
Disease (transcribed): Enteritis due to Paratyphus B. Infection
Disease (standardised): Enteritis (Intestines); Salmonella paratyphi B (Spleen, gallbladder);
Admitted under the care of: Back, Ivor Gordon
Medical examination performed by: n/a
Post mortem examination performed by: Donaldson, Robert
Medical notes: 'Continuous abdominal pain and diarrhoea since the 8th inst. [instant]. C.O.A. [Condition on Admission] Pulse impalpable. Moribund. Cyanosed. Abdomen rather distended. No tenderness or rigidity. Despite stimulation death occurred 2 hours after admission'
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Brain, membranes, pleurae, lungs, pericardium, heart, coronary arteries, aorta, peritoneum, liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, pancreas, spleen, suprarenals, kidneys, ureters, bladder, stomach, intestines
Type of incident: n/a

Walter Jacks, 47, Clerk

Occupation or role: Clerk
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Date of admission: 3 Jan 1910
Date of death: 11 Jan 1910
Disease (transcribed): Strepto bacillaemia. Pyaemic joints
Disease (standardised): Streptobacillus (Pharynx); Sepsis (Joints)
Admitted under the care of: Rolleston, Humphry Davy
Medical examination performed by: Higgs, Frederick William
Post mortem examination performed by: Torrens, James Aubrey
Medical notes: The patient was admitted complaining of attacks of dull aching pain in the right elbow joint and in surrounding muscles.
Body parts examined in the post mortem: Lungs, pericardium, heart, abdomen, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, suprarenals, bladder and joints
Type of incident: n/a