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Roberts, Arthur

  • Person
  • ?-1909

Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1855. MRCS 1859, LSA 1860. LRCP 1861.

Obstetric assistant at St George's Hospital 1860.

Practice in Kensington, in partnership with J.J. Merriman. Surgeon at Kensington Dispensary.

Died at Eltham, 19 Mar 1909.

Jaffrey, Francis

  • Person
  • 1861-1919

Born in Adelaide, Australia. Educated at St Peter's College, Adelaide.

Moved to London to start a business, and entered St George's Hospital as a student in 1885. House surgeon 1891, ophthalmic and orthopaedic assistant. Resident medical officer 1892-1897, superintendent and visiting surgeon at the Atkinson Morley Convalescent Home, Wimbledon. Surgical registrar and demonstrator of anatomy 1897, assistant surgeon 1898, surgeon 1905. Lecturer on anatomy, lecturer to the nurses, dean of the Medical School. Consulting surgeon 1914.

Surgeon to the Belgrave Hospital for Children, the National Industrial Home for Crippled Boys in Kensington. Secretary to the Society for the Study of Diseases of Children.

Retired in 1914 due to ill health and moved to Fowey, Cornwall, where he was the honorary secretary to the Cottage Hospital and surgeon to the Fowey Auxiliary Hospital for wounded officers. Died in Fowey 20 May 1919.

Griffiths, Herbert Tyrrell

  • Person
  • 1853-1905

Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge; MA 1879, MD 1884. Attended the Army Medical School at Netley.

Student at St George's Hospital Medical School; house physician, medical registrar.

Worked at the Army Medical School. Physician's assistant at Brompton Hospital. Clinical assistant at Central Throat Hospital. Surgeon at Kensington Dispensary. Private practice at Kensington Square, initially with Mr Merriman.

Died of pleuropneumonia, aged 52 at Preston Candover.

Gamgee, Arthur

  • Person
  • 1841-1909

Son of veterinary surgeon and pathologist Joseph Gamgee, brother of surgeon Sampson Gamgee. Born in Florence, Italy. Educated at University College School in London. Studied medicine at Edinburgh University; MD 1862.

House physician at the Royal Infirmary. Assistant tothe professor of medical jurisprudence 1863. Physician to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Lecturer on physiology at Surgeons' Hall in Edinburgh. Fellow of the Royal Society aged 31. Worked in Germany at Heidelberg and Leipzig in 1871. Brackenbury professor of physiology at Owens College, Manchester 1873. Dean of the Medical School at Manchester. Physician to the Hospital for Consumption. Fullerian professor of physiology at the Royal Institution in London. Examiner for the Universities of Oxford and London. Consulting physician at St Leonards.

Assistant physician and lecturer on pharmacology at St George's Hospital 1887.

Resigned in 1889 due to ill health, settling in Switzerland after a year at Cambridge. Continued working as a consultant and researcher. Croonian lecturer at the Royal Society 1902.

Married Mary Louisa Clark in 1875; they had two daughters and one son. Returned to England before his death, and died while visiting Paris in 1909.

Gee, Adolphus John

  • Person
  • 1823-?

Born 1823 in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Student at St George's Hospital Medical School, 1842. House surgeon 1848. He applied to the British India Office to become an Assistant Surgeon in 1849.

Harvey, Edward Robinson

  • Person
  • ?-1864

Educated at Christchurch College, Oxford. Studied medicine at Edinburgh and at Jena, Germany for a year. Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1853. BA 1853, MA 1856, MB 1859, MD 1863. MRCP 1859.

Medical registrar and lecturer on physiological chemistry at St George's Hospital.

Died of tuberculosis at San Remo 24 Jan 1864, aged 32.

Frost, William Adams

  • Person
  • 1853-1935

Born in Notting Hill, London on 10th March 1853 to Charles Maynard Frost, FRCS. He was educated at Kensington Grammar School and entered St George's Hospital in 1872, where he was prizeman in 1874.

Frost served as House Surgeon at the North Staffordshire Infirmary, and then returned to St George's Hospital, where he was house surgeon and demonstrator of anatomy. Having decided to practice as an opthalmic surgeon he became a clinical assistant at Moorfields Hospital, and opthalmic registrar at St George's Hospital. In 1881 he was elected assistant opthalmic surgeon to the Hospital, and was surgeon from 1892 until his retirement in 1906. He was the first opthalmic surgeon at the Victoria Hospital for Children in Tite Street, Chelsea from 1887 to 1890. He won the Middlemore prize of the British Medical Association in 1882 and again in 1886, was honorary librarian of the Opthalmological Society, and was lecturer on opthalmic surgery at St George's Hospital. On his retirement he was made consulting opthalmic surgeon to St George's Hospital and to the Royal Westminster Opthalmic Hospital.

Frost married Minnie D. Anderson in 1881, they had no children. He died on the 25th October 1935 at Lansdowne Crescent, London.

Fyffe, William Kington

  • Person
  • 1863-1920

Born 1863 to Deputy Surgeon-General William Johnston Fyffe RAMC. He was educated at Cambridge and St George's Hospital, graduating BA in 1885 and MB and BC in 1890, also taking the LSA in 1890, and the MRCP Lond. in 1893.

Fyffe served as house physician and medical registrar at St George's Hospital, and later assistant physician and pathologist at the Victoria Park Hospital for Diseases of the Chest. He went to New Zealand where he settled in practice at Wellington. He served at Gallipoli as medical officer with the 4th New Zealand contingent.

Fyffe died at Wellington, New Zealand, on 3rd April 1920.

Gardner, James Cardwell

  • Person
  • 1864-?

Educated at Rugby and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1889. BA, MB BC 1893.

House surgeon and house physician at St George's Hospital 1895.

Union medical officer, Amersham, Buckshire. Certifying factory surgeon. Fellow of the Society of Medical Officers of Health. Medical officer of health for Amersham.

Harper, Gerald Samuel

  • Person
  • 1849-1929

Studied medicine at St George's Hospital with Francis Darwin, 1870. MRCS, LRCP 1874, MB Aberdeen 1879.

House physician at St George's Hospital 1875, obstetric assistant 1876-77.

Fellow of the Obstetrical and Medical Societies. Honorary physician at the Royal College of Music. Physician to out-patients at Chelsea Hospital for Women. House surgeon at the Belgrave Hospital for Children.

Harper died on 29th October 1929

Fuller, Henry William

  • Person
  • 1820-1873

Born in London, the son of surgeon Henry Peter Fuller; his brother William Fuller was also a Student at St George's Hospital Medical School (student no 4141, 1844). Educated at Rugby and Caius College, Cambridge and St George's Hospital.

MB, St George's Hospital 1843; assistant physician 1848-1857, physician 1857-1873.

Worked at the North London Hospital for Consumption and the School for Indigent Blind. Member of the Harveian Society. Gave the Lumleian Lectures in 1866. Censor of the Royal College of Physicians. Private practice in London. Specialisms: rheumatism

Grimsdale, Harold Barr

  • Person
  • 1866-1942

Born in Liverpool, son of obstetrician T.F. Grimsdale. Educated at Winchester and Caius College, Cambridge.

Studied medicine at St George's Hospital and was one of the founders and first editors of the Hospital Gazette. MB Cambridge 1892. House physician and ophthalmic registrar at St George's Hospital; assistant ophthalmic surgeon 1894; ophthalmic surgeon 1906, consulting ophthalmic surgeon. Teacher of anatomy.

Clinical ophthalmic assistant at Moorfields under William Lang. FRCS 1894. Worked at the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital. Council member and vice-president at the Ophthalmological Society. Private consulting practice. Published on ophthalmology. Surgeon to the Royal Normal College for the Blind and to the Artists' Annuity Fund and Governesses Benevolent Institution. Member of the Departmental Committee for the Blind.

Married Mabel Todd in 1903; they had no children. Died in 1942.

Handfield Jones, Charles

  • Person
  • 1819-1890

Born at Liverpool, the son of a retired naval captain. Educated at Rugby, St Catherine's College, Cambridge, and St George's Hospital. He graduated as BA in 1840 and MB in 1843.

In his early career, he researched the minute anatomy of the liver, and for this, at the age of thirty one, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. The following year he was appointed to the staff of St Mary's Hospital. He co-authored a Manual of Pathological Anatomy (1854). At the Royal College of Physicians he delivered the Lumleian Lectures in 1865 and became a Censor, and in 1888 Vice-President.

He married Louisa Holt and they had two sons. He died in London.

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