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Abbott, Mary
Person · 1920-?

Born in St Andrews, Scotland. Trained as a nurse at St George's.

Abbott, Sarah

Left a legacy of £20 in 1787

Abel, Richard

Left a legacy of £100 in 1760

Abercromby, John
Person · 1841-1924

Scottish soldier and archaeologist. Governor of St George’s Hospital 1870

Abrahams, Adolphe
Person · 1883-1967

British doctor and sports scientist

Abu Shadi, Ahmed Zaki
Person · 1892-1955

Student at St George's in 1911.

Egyptian Romantic poet, publisher, translator, doctor, bacteriologist and bee scientist, Abu Shadi was a social reformer advocating women’s suffrage and an advocate for experimental Arabic poetry.

Acland, Henry Wentworth Dyke
Person · 1815-1900

Born at Killerton, Devon. Educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford. Studied medicine at St George's Hospital and Edinburgh. All Souls fellowship 1842, Lee's reader in anatomy at Christ Church 1846; BM 1846.

Physician at the Radcliffe Infirmary 1847. Aldrichian professor of clinical medicine 1851. Radcliffe librarian at Oxford. Fellow of the Royal Society. Regius chair of medicine at Oxford 1857. Founded the Oxford University Museum 1860; curator of the university galleries and the Bodleian Library. Private practice in Oxford. Oxford's first representative on the General Medical Council 1858; president of the council 1874-1887. Harveian orator 1867. Baronet in 1890.

Married Sarah Cotton in 1846; they had seven sons (including T.D. Acland, FRCP) and one daughter. Died 16 Oct 1900 at Oxford.

Acland was related to the banker Henry Hoare, one of the founders of St George's Hospital.

Sarah Cotton was the daughter of William Cotton, FRS (1786-1866), governor of the Bank of England, merchant and philanthropist, son of Joseph Cotton, captain and director in the East India Company.

Acland, Thomas Dyke
Person · 1809-1898

Governor of St George’s Hospital 1878. Brother of Henry Wentworth Acland, physician at St George’s; related to banker Henry Hoare, one of the founders of St George’s Hospital. Conservative politician.

Adams, John
Person · 1952-2016

Born in Buckinghamshire. Trained as a nurse at St George's after graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in theological and religious studies. Worked as a nurse in several London hospitals before moving into nursing education, ending his career as a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Adams, Joseph
Person · 1756-1818

Student at St George's Hospital under John Hunter; studied also at St Bartholomew's Hospital and Guy's Hospital. Became a member of the Corporation of Surgeons in 1790. MD 1795 from the University of Aberdeen based on his work 'Morbid Poisons'. Lived and work at Madeira for eight years, and is said to have introduced cowpox to Madeira. Admitted as an extra-licentiate to the London Royal College of Physicians on his return to England in 1805. Physician at the Smallpox Hospital 1806, where he contributed to a report on smallpox. Remembered as the founder of medical genetics.

Adams, [Unknown]

Governor of St George's Hospital 1948-1951

Addison, Thomas
Person · 1793-1860

Known for describing skin disease now known as Addison's disease.

Attended lectures on surgery at St George's in 1816.

Addyman, John Gardner
Person · 1867-1946

Educated at Bradford Grammar School, Magdalen College, Oxford where he studied chemistry, and Heidelberg University in Germany. Worked as a demonstrator in chemistry in Oxford

Lecturer in chemistry at St George's Medical School and biochemist at St George's Hospital.

In charge of the Physiological Laboratory of the London University at the Imperial Institute in South Kensington, where he studied chloroform anaesthesia with George Buckmaster and cholesterol.

Adeane, Elizabeth Philippa
Person · 1834-1916

Subscriber to St George's Hospital in 1871. Wife of the 1st Baron Biddulph, who was a British banker and Liberal (later Liberal Unionist) MP. Her husband’s grandfather was awarded around £36,000 in claims from the almost 2,000 enslaved people he owned before the emancipation.

Agar, James
Person · 1818-1896

Subscriber to St George's Hospital in 1869. Conservative party politician

Agar-Ellis, Leopold
Person · 1829-1899

Subscriber to St George's Hospital in 1890. British Liberal politican