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Barnes, Robert

  • Person
  • 1817-1907

Born in Norwich. Son of Harriet Futter and Philip Barnes, architect and founder of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Regent's Park. Educated at home in Norwich and at Bruges, Belgium. Apprenticed to a local surgeon aged 15.

Studied medicine at University College London and St George's Hospital; qualified in 1842. Stayed in Paris for a year teaching English following his qualification before entering general practice at Notting Hill. Assistant obstetric physician at the London Hospital 1859, obstetric physician 1863. Obstetric physician at St Thomas's 1865; lecturer on midwifery. Also worked at the Seamen's Hospital, the East London Hospital for Children and the Royal Maternity Hospital.

Obstetric physician-surgeon 1875-1885 at St George's Hospital, consulting obstetric physician 1885-1907.

Published widely on obstetrics and gynecology. Lettsomian lecturer at the Medical Society of London, Lumleian lecturer and censor at the Royal College of Physicians.

Married twice, first Eliza Fawkener; they had two daughters and a son. Married Alice Maria Hughes in 1880; they had one daughter and one son. Retired to Eastbourne. Died in 1907 aged 90.

Barwell, Harold Shuttleworth

  • Person
  • 1875-1959

Born in London to Richard Barwell FRCS, surgeon to Charing Cross Hospital and Mary Diana Shuttleworth. Educated at Temple Grove and Westminster School, where he was Bishop Williams Exhibitioner, and at St George's Hospital where he held resident posts.

Deciding to specialise as a laryngologist, he became senior clinical assistant at the Golden Square Hospital. After taking the Fellowship in 1901 he was elected to the staff of the Metropolitan Ear Nose and Throat Hospital, laryngologist to Mount Vernon Hospital, otolaryngologist surgeon to Hampstead General Hospital, and finally surgeon to St George's throat and ear department.

He was President of the Laryngological Section of the Royal Society of Medicine and published a textbook on Diseases of the Larynx in 1907. He continued in private practice at 39 Queen Anne Street.

He married Evelyn, daughter of James Foster Palmer MRCS in 1907 and their two sons, Alan and Claud, entered the medical profession. He died on 27 May 1959 at Fincham End, Crowthorne, Berkshire aged 83.

Brodhurst, Bernard Edward

  • Person
  • 1822-1900

Born at the Friary, Newark on 4th February 1822. In 1840 he was articled at the Royal College of Surgeons to John Goldwyer Andrews at the London Hospital. After qualifying he was appointed House Surgeon. After a year he attended hospitals in Paris and later Vienna where he studied opthalmic surgery and pathological anatomy. He later travelled to Prague, Berlin, Pavia, Pisa, Florence and Rome.

Returning to London, he was elected in 1852 a Surgeon on the staff of the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, and in 1862 he was elected Assistant Surgeon at St George's Hospital, and later Surgeon with Orthopaedic Wards until 1874. By the time of his death he was Surgeon to the Orthopaedic Hospital, and for a time he was Lecturer on Orthopaedic Surgery at St George's. He was on the staff of the Royal Hospital for Incurables, and Consulting Surgeon of the Belgrave Hospital for Children. For many years he had the chief orthopaedic practice in England.

He was an Associate of the Academy of Sciences of Rome, and Corresponding Member of the Medical Scieties of Lyons, Odessa and Rome, of the Chirurgical Society of Paris, and of the American Orthopaedic Association.

He died on 20th January 1900.

Cheadle, Walter Butler

  • Person
  • 1835-1910

Educated at Bingley Grammar School and Caius College, Cambridge. BA 1859. Student at St George's Hospital, MB 1861. Accompanied Viscount Milton in 1862 on an expedition to the Rocky Mountains and contributed to an account of the journey, 'The North-West Passage by Land'.

Assistant physician, lecturer and dean of medical school at St Mary's Hospital; assistant physician at Great Ormond Street, 1869. Consultant on children's diseases; worked on artifical feeding of infants and rheumatism. Advocated admission of women to the profession. Lecturer at the London Medical School for Women. Censor of the Royal College of Physicians.

Married Anne Murgatroyd in 1866; they had four sons. Married Emily Mansei Mansel, Inspector of Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses.

Bull, Henry Cecil Herbert

  • Person
  • 1892-?

Son of William Henry Bull, and half-brother of D.W.A. Bull, who were also students at St George's Hospital.

Educated at Wellington and Caius College, Cambridge. BA 1912, MB 1918. Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1911. MRCS, LRCP 1918.

House physician at St George's Hospital.

Captain at King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 1914-1917.

Carter, Robert Brudenell

  • Person
  • 1828-1918

Apprenticed to a general practitioner. Educated at the London Hospital; qualified in 1851. Worked as an assistant to a practitioner in Leytonstone. Volunteered in the Crimean War as a staff surgeon in Turkey, and acted as a correspondent to The Times.

On his return from the war, moved from Putney to Fulham and to Nottingham, where he participated in founding the Nottingham Eye Infirmary, and began to specialise in ophthalmology. Moved to Stroud in 1862, had a partnership with George Samuel Gregory; participated in establishing the Gloucestershire Eye Institution.

Married aged 40 and moved to London. Worked for The Times and The Lancet. Surgeon to the Royal Eye Hospital, Southward, 1869-1877. Ophthalmic surgeon to St George's Hospital 1870; consulting surgeon 1983. Ophthalmic surgeon to the National Hospital for Paralysis and Epilepsy. Hunterian Professor, Orator, Lettsomian Lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons, president of the Medical Society of London. Represented the Apothecaries' Society on the General Medical Council. Sat on the first London County Council, and participated in establishing a committee to report on the Care of the Insane, but was not re-elected.

Published on hysteria and diseases of the nervous system; on medical education; on ophthalmology.

Married twice, to Helen Ann Beauchamp and to Rachel Elizabeth Hallpike. Had four sons. Died at home in Clapham Common 23 Oct 1918, aged 91. Buried at West Norwood Cemetery.

Bence Jones, Henry

  • Person
  • 1813-1873

Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge 1832-1836. Worked as an apothecary prior to studying medicine at St George's and chemistry at University College, London in 1839. Worked in Giessen, Germany in 1841.

Assistant physician at St George's Hospital 1845-1846, physician 1846-1862, consulting physician 1868-1873.

Described the so-called Bence Jones protein in 1847. Fellow and senior censor at the Royal College of Physicians, fellow of the Royal Society and secretary to the Royal Institution. Applied chemistry to pathology and medicine.

Married Lady Millicent Acheson, his second cousin, in 1842; they had seven children. Died in London on 20 Apr 1873, buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

Cavafy, John

  • Person
  • 1838-1901

Born in London; his parents were both of Greek origin. Educated at Brighton and University College London. Worked in the City alongside his father before studying medicine.

Student at St George's Hospital 1861-1867; MB 1867. Junior appointments at the hospital. Assistant physician 1874-1882, physician 1882-1898, consulting physician 1899-1901. In charge of the skin department 1882. Lecturer on comparative anatomy, physiology and medicine.

Physician to the Victoria Hospital for Children. Examiner in medicine for London University.

Married Marigo Ralli; they had one daughter. Retired to Hove in 1898 due to ill health. Died 28 Apr 1901 whilst visiting London.

Bond, Edmund Delafosse

  • Person
  • 1877-1902

Educated at Clifton, Bristol. Studied natural sciences at Keble College, Oxford.

Student at St George's Hospital 1897. MA, MB Bch Oxon, MRCS, LRCP. House physician at St George's Hospital.

Died 1 Jul 1902, aged 25.

Dakin, William Radford

  • Person
  • 1860-1935

Born in 1860, the son of John Dakin, JP. Educated at Owens College Manchester and later Guy's Hospital where he graduated as MB, BS in 1882.

After holding house appointments at Guy's Hospital and the General Lying-In Hospital, he was elected physician to the Royal Hospital for Women and Children in 1885 and obstetric physician to the Great Northern Hospital in 1887. In 1891 he was made obstetric physician and lecturer on midwifery at St George's Hospital, before later returning to the General Lying-In Hospital as physician.

He examined in midwifery for Oxford University and the Conjoint Board and in 1897 produced a Handbook of Midwifery. He was president of the Obstetrical Society of London in 1905-06. He emerged from retirement to serve as a surgeon with the French Army in the First World War, receiving the Legion of Honour an the Croix de Guerre.

In 1892 he married Sylvia, daughter of F.T. Lewis, but had no children. He died in a London nursing home in 1935.

Davidson, William Marshall

  • Person
  • ?-1905

Born in Maida Vale, London.

Student at St George's Hospital 1884. MB Lond 1890, MRCS, LRCP 1889. MD London, MRCP. House physician at St George's Hospital 1889, medical registrar 1898, anesthetist.

Consulting physician at the Convent of the Good Shepherd, Hammersmith. Prosector at the Royal College of Surgeons. RMO at the Royal National Hospital for Consumption, Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

Died 19 Oct 1905.

Dancy, John Horace

  • Person
  • 1890-?

Educated at Ramsgate and St Laurence College. Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1911. MB, BS Lond 1919. MRCS, LRCP 1914,

Senior clinical assistant at Victoria Park Chest Hospital and National Hospital for the Diseases of Heart. Assistant medical officer at Downs Sanatorium, Sutton. Temporary captain at RAMC, 1914-16, took part in Gallipoli landing. General practice in Shepherd's Bush 1919-1928, in Brighton 1929-1934 and in Richmond 1934.

Davis, George Augustus

  • Person
  • ?

MRCS 1840. House surgeon and surgeon at St George's Hospital.

Surgeon at the St James's Dispensary. Private practice at 119 New Bond Street

Cutler, Edward

  • Person
  • 1796-1874

Born at Wimborne, Dorset, the son of a clergyman. Entered the Navy, but abandoned it in favour of medicine due to ill health. Educated at Great Windmill Street and St George's Hospital.

Assistant surgeon at St George's Hospital 1834-1848, surgeon 1848-1861, consulting surgeon 1861-1874.

Assistant surgeon in the Life Guards 1821-1824. Assisted Sir Benjamin Brodie in his private practice. Surgeon and consulting surgeon at the Lock Hospital. Private practice.

Specialised in venereal diseases.

Married, with a son and a daughter. Retired in 1861. Died 7 Sep 1874 at home, 15 New Burlington Street.

Dickinson, William Howship

  • Person
  • 1832-1913

Born in Brighton and educated at Caius College, Cambridge and St George's Hospital; graduated in 1859.

Curator of the museum at St George's Hospital 1859, with further junior posts; assistant physician 1866-1874, physician 1874-1894, consulting physician 1894-1913.

Assistant physician at the Hospital for Sick Children 1861-1869, physician 1869-1874. Censor and curator of the museum at the Royal College of Physicians; Croonian lecturer, Harveian orator. Examiner at the Royal College of Surgeons and at the universities of Cambridge, London and Durham.

Specialised in kidney diseases and children's diseases.

Married in 1861 Laura Wilson, daughter of James Arthur Wilson, physician at St George's Hospital; they had four daughters and two sons, including William Lee Dickinson, who also studied medicine at St George's Hospital. Died 9 Jan 1913.

Colledge, Lionel

  • Person
  • 1883-1948

Born 5th October 1883, the son of Major John Colledge of Lauriston House, Cheltenham. He was educated at Cheltenham College, Caius College, Cambridge, and St George's Hospital Medical School.

After a period as demonstrator of anatomy at King's College, he was appointed assistant aural surgeon at St George's Hospital, and ultimately became consulting surgeon in the ear and throat department. He was later appointed assistant surgeon to the Golden Square Throat Hospital, and later consulting surgeon to the Royal National Throat, Nose, and Ear Hospital. At the Royal National he inaugurated the Institute of Laryngology and Otology, and he was one of the founders of the British Association of Otolaryngologists. During the first world war he served in France, with the rank of captain, RAMC, as aural surgeon to the army.

Returning to London he was appointed aural surgeon at St George's Hospital, and he later became senior surgeon, and also to the West End Hospital for nervous diseases and the Royal Masonic Hospital. He was consulting laryngologist to the Royal Cancer Hospital. After his retirement from St George's Hospital he became surgeon to the ear and throat department of the Prince of Wales Hospital, Tottenham. During the second world war he remained in London and took charge of the throat departments at St Mary's Hospital and at the Cancer Hospital. He was also a consulting otologist to the Royal Navy.

He was for many years an examiner for the Conjoint diploma in laryngology and otology. He delievered the Semon lecture in the University of London in 1927, and the Lettsomian lectures at the Medical Society of London in 1943.

He married Margaret, the eldest daughter of Admiral J W Brackenbury. They had a son, Maule, and a daughter, Cecilia. He became paralysed from acute coronary disease, and died at his home at 2 Upper Wimpole Street on 19th December 1948, aged 65.

Collier, James Stansfield

  • Person
  • 1870-1935

Educated at the City and Guilds Institute, London and St Mary's Hospital; BSc 1890; qualified as a doctor 1894. Held a number of junior appointments at St Mary's and at the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic; assistant physician 1902, physician 1921.

Assistant physician at St George's Hospital 1904-1908, physician 1908-1928, consulting physician 1928; lecturer on medicine and neurology.

Lecturer on neurology at the Bethlem Royal Hospital. Visiting staff at the Royal Eye Hospital. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; Lumleian lecturer, FitzPatrick lecturer and Harveian orator; senior censor. Published on neurology.

Married Minna Summerhayes in 1906; they had two daughters and one son. His elder brother was Horace Stansfield Collier, FRCS. He died 9 Feb 1935 at home in London.

Cooper, George Frederick

  • Person
  • 1837-c.1916

Son of William Cooper, merchant in Reading. His brother Horace Cooper was also a student at St George's Hospital.

Student at St George's Hospital 1855. MRCS 1859. Surgical registrar 1859, house surgeon 1861 at St George's Hospital. LSA 1861.

MO in charge of the British Naval Hospital at Valparaiso, Chile. Married Annie Newlove White (d.1906); they had three children.

Copestake, Thomas Goodall

  • Person
  • ?

Son of Thomas Goodall Copestake of Derby.

Student at St George's Hospital 1845.

MRCS, LSA 1848. Moved to Braidsford Derby in 1861.

His brother Walter Goodall Copestake was also a student at St George's Hospital (1855, student no 4557)

Davis Taylor, Edward James

  • Person
  • 1874-1950

Educated at Bath College and Cambridge.

Studied medicine at St George's Hospital, graduating 1904. Held junior appointments at St George's Hospital; obstetric registrar, medical registrar and clinical medical tutor.

Private practice in Southsea. Physician to the Royal Portsmouth Hospital and to St Andrew's Home for Children. Consulting physician to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, to the Gosport Hospital and to the Portsmouth Pension. Lieutenant colonel in the First World War in the RAMCT. Military member of the Hampshire Territorial Force Association. Member of the British Medical Association.

Retired from general practice due to ill health in 1938, but continued working on medical boards and at the Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Married Madelaine de la Salle 1906; they had one son. She died in 1940. Died 29 Dec 1950 at home in Southsea.

Douglas, James Sholto Cameron

  • Person
  • 1879-1931

From a family of medical practitioners. Born in Leicester, educated at Wyggeston School and Haileybury. Studied physiology at Christ Church, Oxford, graduating 1902.

Studied medicine at St George's Hospital; qualified 1905. Won Radcliffe Fellowship, working at Dresden and Copenhagen. Museum curator at St George's Hospital 1905.

Lecturer in pathology at Birmingham 1909. Professor of pathology at Sheffield 1915, dean of the medical school. Member of the Physiological Society. Published on pathology. Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps

Died at Llandudno 21 Nov 1931 whilst recuperating from a long illness.

Ewart, Charles

  • Person
  • 1851-1916

Brother of William Ewart, also a student and physician at St George's Hospital. Born in Fulham, London. Educated at Paris, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Student at St George's Hospital 1881. MRCS, LRCP 1885. MD 1888. Assistant demonstrator of anatomy at St George's Hospital 1883, assistant medical registrar 1884.

House surgeon and house physician at Royal Hants County Hospital. Private practice at 58 Queen's Gate Terrace, SW London.

Collard, Frederic Stuartson

  • Person
  • 1873-1929

Educated at St George's Hospital, where he was House Surgeon, House Physician, Surgical Registrar, and Demonstrator of Anatomy before he settled in practice in Brighton Road, Croydon.

He died in Croydon on January 21st 1929.

Dent, Clinton Thomas

  • Person
  • 1850-1912

Born at Sandgate, Kent. Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge.

Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1872. House surgeon at St George's Hospital 1876; demonstrator of anatomy, surgical registrar, joint lecturer in physiology, lecturer in practical surgery, demonstrator of operative surgery. Assistant surgeon 1880-1895, surgeon 1895-1912. Chairman of the Medical School Committee.

Magister Chirurgiae in 1899. Examiner in surgery at the University of Cambridge. Surgeon to the Belgrave Hospital for Children. Chief surgeon to the Metropolitan Police in 1904. Secretary to the Royal Medico-Chirurgical Society 1901-1904, president of the Surgical section of the Royal Society of Medicine, secretary and vice-president of the Medical Society of London. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons; Hunterian professor, member of the Court of Examiners, member of the Council, senior vice-president. Travelled to South Africa for the Second Boer War in 1899; acted as correspondent to the British Medical Journal.

He was an active mountaineer in his free time. He never married. Died unexpectedly of septic poisoning 26 Aug 1912, and was buried at Kensal Green.

Ellison, John

  • Person
  • ?

Educated at Honiton School and Downing College, Cambridge. BA 1909, MB 1913, BC 1912. LMSSA 1911.

Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1908. House physician and obstetric assistant at St George's Hospital.

RMO at General Infirmary, Burton on Trent. House surgeon at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. Honorary surgeon at Cromer Cottage Hospital and Fletcher Convalescent Hom. Admiralty surgeon and agent.

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