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Spitta, Robert John

  • Person
  • 1820-?

Graduated in 1842; MB 1843.

House surgeon at St George's Hospital.

Medical officer to the Clapham General Dispensary. Fellow of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society.

Married Mary Jane Woodward in 1846

Snow, John

  • Person
  • 1813-1858

Born in York, the son of a labourer working at a coal yard and later as a farmer. Growing up in a poor neighbourhood by the River Ouse, Snow had early experience of unsanitary conditions and contaminated water and sewage. He first encountered cholera epidemic during his apprenticeship as surgeon-apothecary in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which he started aged 14; he treated many of the victims of the disease in Killingworth. He worked as an assistant to a colliery surgeon in a coal mine in County Durham and in West Riding of Yorkshire 1832-1835.

He moved to London, and from 1836 he was a student at the Hunterian School of Medicine on Great Windmill Street. He worked at Westminster Hospital 1837. MD from the University of London 1844. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons 1838, the Royal College of Physicians 1850 and the Westminster Medical Society. Founding member of the Epidemiological Society of London, formed in 1850 in response to the 1849 cholera outbreak. Private practice as surgeon and GP on 54 Frith Street, Soho.

Snow was one of the early adopters of the use of ether and chloroform as surgical anaesthetics, designing an apparatus and a mask for safely administering ether to patients. He administered chloroform to Queen Victoria during the births of the last two of her children in 1853 and 1857, making the use of obstetric anaesthesia more popular.

Snow did not believe in the then-current miasma theory of the origins of diseases such as cholera, according to which they were spread by 'bad air'. During the 1854 cholera outbreak in Soho, Snow identified the public water pump on Broad Street (later Browdwick Street) as the source of the outbreak by studying the pattern and dissemination of the disease in the area. The pump handle was replaced, but Snow's theory did not immediately gain wide acceptance.

Published widely on on anaesthesia and cholera.

Teetotaller, and part of the temperance movement. Ovo-lacto-vegetarian and later vegan, until suffering from a renal disorder later in life, which he attributed to his vegan diet, Snow tried to only drink pure, boiled water. He never married. He died in London 10 Jun 1858 aged 45 following a stroke. He was buried in Brompton Cemetery.

Wadham, William

  • Person
  • 1823-1897

Educated at Abingdon School. After his studies, spent time abroad, including Rome.

Student at St George's; part of the rowing team, won Stewards' Cup at Henley in 1843. Qualified as surgeon and apothecary, but did not practice as either. Worked as registrar at St George's, and assistant physician 1862; physician 1868; lecturer on forensic medicine; dean of the medical school.

Assistant physician at Brompton Hospital. Worked at Marylebone Dispensary. Examining physician at the Foreign Office

Wintle, Frederic J.W.

  • Person
  • c.1830-?

Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1854.

Kenyon, George A.

  • Person
  • ?-1910

Educated at Rossall. His brother J.E. Kenyon was also a student at St George's.

Studied medicine at St George's Hospital. MB London 1868, LRCP 1866, MRCS 1866. Obstetric assistant at St George's Hospital 1866-69.

Houe surgeon at Soho Square Hospital for Women. Resident Medical Officer at Manchester New Workhouse. Medical Officer of Health at the City of Chester. Fellow of the Obstetric Society and the Society of Medical Officers of Health.

Died at Chester 6 Mar 1910, aged 66.

Williams, Charles Theodore

  • Person
  • 1838-1912

Educated at Brighton and Harrow. Studied natural sciences at Pembroke College Oxford; graduated 1860. Studied medicine at St George's Hospital and in Paris; BM 1864. Spent two years in France and Italy following his graduation, due to ill health.

Demonstrator of anatomy and physiology at St George's Hospital 1866.

Assistant physician to the Brompton Hospital 1867, physician 1871.

Specialisms: Pulmonary tuberculosis; advocate of sanatorium treatment in high altitudes, of improved living conditions, ventilation and milk and water supplies. One of the founders of the National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis. Received M.V.O. for his part in the building of the King Edward VII Sanatorium in Midhurst. Author of 'Pulmonary Consumption' (1871) together with his father, C.J.B. Williams.

Lectured at the Medical Society of London; Lumleian lecturer, Harveian orator and censor at the Royal College of Physicians.

Married Mary Jeffreys in 1868. Died 15 Dec 1912.

Jones, Thomas

  • Person
  • ?

Student at St George's 1854. LSA 1860. MRCS 1861. MD Aberdeen 1870. MB 1869.

Resident apothecary and resident medical officer at St George's Hospital.

Physician at Victoria Hospital for Sick Children. Private practice at 4 Chesham Place, SW London.

Wilson, James Arthur

  • Person
  • 1795-1882

Son of James Wilson, surgeon and teacher of anatomy at the Hunterian School in Great Windmill Street. Educated at St Peter's College, Westminster and Christ Church, Oxford, graduating in 1815; AM 1818, MB 1819 and MD 1823. Travelled and worked in Europe in the 1820s, including in Italy as physician to lord and lady Spencer in 1819-1820.

Physician at St George's Hospital 1829-1857, consulting physician 1868-1882, lecturer in anatomy.

Fellow and censor of the Royal College of Physicians 1825; Lumleian lecturer and Harveian orator. Retired 1868; lived in South Holmwood, Dorking. Died 29 Dec 1882.

White-Cooper, George Owen

  • Person
  • 1859-?

Son of William White Cooper. Educated at Marlborough and Trinity College, Cambridge. BA 1880, MA, MB 1885. MRCP 1890.

Studied medicine at St George's Hospital 1881. House physician at St George's Hospital 1885, assistant medical registrar.

Clinical assistant at Golden Square Throat Hospital. Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Private practice in London.

Zimmerman, Benjamin Frazier

  • Person
  • 1855-?

Born 18th April 1855. Entered St George's Hospital in 1872. Member of Royal College of Surgeons and Licentiate of Royal College of Physicians.

He was a Surgeon, later Surgeon Captain in 1885, in the Pacific Steam Navigation Company's Service. He became Surgeon Major in the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1898. He served on an expedition to the west coast of Africa in 1887 and was awarded a medal. He retired in 1905 but returned to the War Office at the outbreak of the first world war in 1914 and served as Major in the Royal Army Medical Corps on medical boards at the War Office and Adastral House. He was employed when on retired list at Topsham, Devon in 1905 and Lancaster in 1911.

Noad, Henry Carden

  • Person
  • 1842-1908

Son of Henry Noad, lecturer in chemistry at St George's Hospital Medical School.

Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1866. MRCS, LRCP 1871.

Clinical assistant at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street.

Died at Ealing, 22 Apr 1908, aged 66.

Lacy, Charles De Lacy

  • Person
  • ?-c.1932

Educated at Trinity College, Oxford, BA 1869, MA 1872. MB 1877. LRCP 1873. MRCP 1876.

Student at St George's Hospital in 1868. House physician 1873. Obstetric assistant 1874-1876. He appears to have been a physician either to Oscar Wilde or his wife Constance.

Married author Augusta Matilda Paterson in 1876. Retired in 1898.

Leigh, Thomas

  • Person
  • 1841-1919

Son of Henry Thomas Leigh, FRCS. His brothers William Leigh and Frederick Leigh were also students at St George's. Educated at King's College School. LSA, MRCS 1863. LRCP 1864.

Student at St George's. House surgeon 1864, obstetric assistant 1865.

Consulting surgeon at Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children. Medical Officer at Brighton and Hove Dispensary.

Died at Brighton 31 Mar 1919, aged 77.

Bell, William A

  • Person
  • ?

Student at St George's Hospital in 1863

Venning, Edgcombe

  • Person
  • 1837-1920

Born at Norwich.

Student at St George's Hospital Medical School 1854. MRCS 1858, LRCPLond 1862, FRCS 1867. House-surgeon 1859 and surgical registrar 1861 at St. George's Hospital.

Surgeon at the Royal Navy Hospital 1854. Surgeon at the 1st Life Guards 1863-1877. Private practice at 30 Cadogan Place, SW London. Fellow and vice-president of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society and the Medical Society of London. Knighthood 1905.

Retired 1911. Lived in Falmouth. His nephew J.A. Venning also studied at St George's Hospital.

Acland, Henry Wentworth Dyke

  • Person
  • 1815-1900

Born at Killerton, Devon. Educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford. Studied medicine at St George's Hospital and Edinburgh. All Souls fellowship 1842, Lee's reader in anatomy at Christ Church 1846; BM 1846.

Physician at the Radcliffe Infirmary 1847.


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